The Smartfind Express Management System (SEMS) can be accessed via phone at (619) 333-2578. Two pieces of identification are required to access the system:

User I.D. (Employee ID# or Active Directory Login) Password (PIN)

To assist you, SmartFindExpress guides are available and can be found by clicking here

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact the Substitute Desk at (619) 588-3037 from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm or by email at

Thank you.


We are excited to announce that Dida Bautista has joined the Personnel Services team as our new Sub Desk Coordinator. Dida was previously a School Office Manager and has worked for CVUSD for the last 17 years! She can be reached at Sub Desk or via phone at 619-588-3037.


Effective Monday, October 1, 2018, if you did not watch the mandatory videos by September 30, 2018 a temporary block has been placed on your profile. You will not be able to work until you have watched the videos. All District employees, including Substitutes, are required to watch mandatory videos on an annual basis.

To watch the videos, go to video link. Your username is your 6-digit ID number. If you have any questions, please email Sub Desk or call 619-588-3037.


Certificated Loyalty Plan - Use the following link for more information on our new Certificated Substitute Loyalty Plan

Substitute Teacher Training Opportunity SDCOE and PLNU are offering a training workshop to substitute teachers on Feb. 16, 2019. Topics include classroom management and instructional strategies. For more info. go to Training Workshop

Credential Renewal - Ensure you renew your credential/30-day permit in a timely manner and forward the confirmation email with the new expiration date to: Sub Desk Email to update your profile so you may continue to sub.

Your cooperation is needed and appreciated in the event there are teachers out ill with no coverage. You may be called to change assignments if you are in one that is for a meeting or workshop (ESPECIALLY on a Friday) that the teacher you are covering for is attending. They do NOT have priority over teachers out Ill but must return to their class since the teacher out ill cannot. THANK YOU!


SECA, INSTRUCTIONAL ASSISTANT, OFFICE STAFF, CUSTODIAL, CHILD NUTRITION - Make sure you renew your CPR/1st aid & TB before they expire and bring the new card(s)/TB results to the sub desk. once expired, you are blocked from jobs and will not be able to access the system.


PLEASE DO NOT use student restrooms during the day when children are present.

TB EXPIRATION: ANY expiration date in your profile blocks you from accessing the system and being assigned to future jobs. TB renewal is required every four years. Please forward updated results to

PLEASE USE THE UNAVAILABLE DATES FEATURE if NOT available for a few days. Longer absences should be communicated to the sub desk via email at

Please do not TEXT or use CELL PHONE during work hours.